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Why Our Services Are Preferred?

On Time Drop

Are you tired of having to drive 20 miles per hour behind the slow-moving school bus so that your kids don't miss their stop?

Timely Pickup

Are you tired of not being able to pick them up directly in front of their own home because the driver has to "load at the curb?"

Safe Transportation

Provide Safe Transportation for your children. Our mission is to provide safe, reliable transportation to young children. We are NOT a franchise.

What Makes Us Best Choice

For parents who have children going to school by bus, choosing S’Cool Bus is one of the most important decisions made each school year. Not only should this decision be based on safety, but also convenience and cost.

  • We provide the highest quality Buses & Drivers in the business!
  • We are locally owned and operated, with competitive rates - even lower than school bus companies!
  • S'Cool Bus is always available to answer any questions or concerns that parents may have (or even students!)
  • All S'Cool Buses are fitted with the latest GPS tracking system to ensure that parents receive accurate real time updates should there be any delays in bus arrivals at designated pick up points.
Operators of S’Cool Bus

Pick up & Drop off at any Door Residential or Commercial location Meeting all Federal, State & Local Regulations Night-time Transportation School-related Field Trips Augmenting regular school bus service Afterschool Activities Weekend Activities Summer Camps Tournaments / Championships

We welcome children from the age of 5
to our buses

Why S'Cool Bus?

We are committed to transforming the education system by providing opportunities for enrichment activities that will help students discover their talents and interests.

Mission of S'Cool Bus

The primary mission of S’Cool Bus is to provide transport for secondary school students who are on study leave or are participating in enrichment activities during school hours.

Vision of S'Cool Bus

The aim is to transform students into lifelong learners who can adapt easily to changes by providing them opportunities for enrichment activities that will broaden their interests and explore their talents outside the classroom..

This  hopes to encourage more secondary school students who are on study leave or are participating in enrichment activities during school hours to take advantage of the opportunities available.

Watch the video
to see how participating in enrichment activities

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